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Is your direction blurred?

Do you feel that the purpose and common direction of your organisation has been lost? Has the focus vanished over the years, or has the company’s identity changed with growth? New cultures may have emerged through acquisitions, which have not yet merged into a harmonious whole. Sometimes things that have been invested in a lot of time and money are hard to give up. Or pressures from outside the organisation forces you to think about a new direction.

Successful change management requires

  1. a clear purpose, which is jointly owned by the entire company
  2. clarity and certainty so that the desired direction can be maintained
  3. a clear common message based on the purpose.

Management team development

When your organisation is in a challenging transition, a Mind Based ™ Leadership Workshop will help your leadership team find clarity and certainty and ensure a common direction.

When an organisation has a clear answer to the question WHY, every HOW is possible.

My customers have received

  • A team that has joined forces to achieve more
  • More committed employees and customers – The clear purpose attracts
  • Repayment for workshop investment when the common goal brings you closer to the goal and turns into better profitability and revenue growth.

When an organisation is internally fit, it has power to meet the external challenges.

Management training and coaching

I implement management and supervisor coaching supported by The Three Principles philosophy. The themes might include: leaders mind, coaching in leadership, change management, motivation management, functional team.

Individual coaching for leaders

Many leaders are stressed and stuck alone in their situation and thinking. I help leaders in challenging situations find clarity, certainty, direction, and change their business as well as their lives.

I do coaching for both companies and directly for leaders and entrepreneurs as individuals.

You may read more about my coahing for individuals here


When you unleash your potential and eliminate the disturbances produced by the uncertain thinking, you achieve many things: higher confidence in your own abilities, more clarity, fresh thinking, focus on what really matters, better resilience, less stress; Overall, a better state of mind – And a better state of mind means better performance!

This replicated to an organisation, or a team is many times more clarity and performance!

PERFORMANCE: You have innate well-being and performance, the ability to create and execute, flexibility and resilience. You have been built for reality and optimal results.

INTERFEARENCE: The only thing that ever prevents this performance from being realized is disruptive thinking due to ‘the inside out’ misunderstanding.

CLARITY: When you wake up from this misunderstanding, you are better aligned with reality and find clarity.


Book a workshop

Let’s have a planning meeting to ensure the clarity

Build a vision

Build a jointly owned cleared purpose and message together with your team

Confirm the results

A shared direction guides every employee of your company

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