Mind Based™ CLEAR MIND

Coaching based on understanding the functioning of the mind





Does this sound like you?

You know how success feels like. You have always dared to take on big demanding challenges. Now, however, you feel stuck or in a challenging situation.

  • You may feel like you are in a cross-wave where pressures from different sides, such as owners, board and staff, are piling up.
  • You may be on a situation that requires special clarity and confidence from your side.
  • Has some event in your entrepreneurship or leadership made you doubt your own abilities?
  • Are you having challenges with increasing your company’s revenue? Or even considering giving up?
  • Or are you working at a lower than your own actual capacity, bored or afraid that one day someone will notice? Or that you must finally admit it to yourself?
  • Maybe you have already achieved so much that you don’t know what to do next.

In your darkest moment, you might think, “Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?”  You feel alone and need someone to spar your thoughts.

You are in the right place. And you are stronger than you think.

Despite your success, and in fact because of it – doing more of what you’re already doing isn’t going to take you to the next level. In fact, the qualities that have led you to your current success, may be the ones that are currently preventing you from achieving better results.

I am Miisa Helenius. I help leaders and entrepreneurs with big ambitions
– but who might feel somehow stuck –
to stop dreaming about success and to start taking fearless action to make it happen.

Unlike an approach that focuses on tools or techniques, that might be forgotten or don’t always work, the principles I share will give you a lifelong understanding on how to tap into your inner wisdom and a lasting source of effortless success and results.

Are you ready for what is possible?

Let’s have a conversation that triggers a total change in your life.

Once you’re determined to find a connection to who you really are, you begin to express yourself genuinely and consistently. The changes you will experience will change your life – in every respect.

Maybe you think that by analysing more of your situation, you will figure it out?

Or it may be that you’ve read dozens of books, watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, and maybe even hired a coach to get you out from your situation, but still the same circus is spinning in your head.

I know. I’ve been there. I know how to get out. For good.

First of all, I want to tell you, you are not alone. I have coached dozens of entrepreneurs and managers, who are in the same situation.

Secondly, I want to tell you what the key is. It is not that you continue to think and analyse your situation, but that you learn to understand how your mind works.

Clarity – Certainty – Direction

When you understand how your mind works, you get so many things:

  • You are connected to who you really are. You do and achieve the things you really want to achieve. You are confident and know how to act in any situation that comes up. You are relaxed and calm.
  • When you understand your own mind, you will also understand others better. You are a respected and loved leader. You are present to your people; you understand their needs and help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

3 reasons to choose me as your Coach


In mind coaching, we focus entirely on the functioning of your mind, but 15 years in leadership roles and 7 years as an entrepreneur will help me understand your world and speak your language.


No techniques that might be forgotten, but an understanding for life – Unique blend of The Three Principles understanding boosted with hypnosis.


Most coaches help people to get from A to B. You can work with me even if you feel you are so lost, you do not know what it is you want. We will find it out together.


When you unleash your potential and eliminate the disturbances produced by the uncertain thinking, you achieve many things: higher confidence in your own abilities, more clarity, fresh thinking, focus on what really matters, better resilience, less stress; Overall, a better state of mind – And a better state of mind means better performance!


PERFORMANCE: You have innate well-being and performance, the ability to create and execute, flexibility and resilience. You have been built for reality and optimal results.

INTERFEARENCE: The only thing that ever prevents this performance from being realized is disruptive thinking due to ‘the inside out’ misunderstanding.

CLARITY: When you wake up from this misunderstanding, you are better aligned with reality and find clarity.


Book a meeting with me

The purpose of the first coaching session is to get to know each other and look at how it feels to work together.

Make sure I am the right coach

If we agree that I am the right coach for you, we will then decide together a suitable coaching program that will ensure your results.

Unleash your full potential

Whatever your situation, you can be certain that you will solve it. The changes you will experience will change your life and your business – in every respect.

At the start of the coaching, I was in a challenging situation in developing my company’s business and the situation was reflected throughout my life.

Through coaching, I learned to look at my situation and life with new eyes. When I got to exercise my thoughts on who I am as a person, I got the strength and confidence to make major business decisions in a new way. When you clear out, there will be room for new. I got a clear road map and tools to move forward.

As a coach, Miisa has the ability to listen, be present and give time and space for thoughts in the right way. The coaching didn’t just touch the surface, but went really deep inside. Hypnosis Succeeded! – I was surprised how I was able to relax and get into hypnosis.

I definitely recommend Miisa’s coaching if you are on the threshold of a big change or, for example, stuck with your own thoughts.


This is, for sure the best investment I have ever made.


I found new insights into the challenges of my life in mind coaching. With it, I felt a wonderful release from not having to react to all the thoughts that flowed into my head – in no way at all. It is enough to challenge the truthfulness and necessity of the beliefs of one’s mind.

Sounds easy and it is in a way, but the fact that recognizing the patterns of thought that came from an old habit, required, at least for me, some insights that Miisa helped to me to achieve.

Miisa is a great mind coach, encouraging, happy and sturdy. In the company of Miisa, one dares to be completely herself. Miisa’s questions, feedback, and relaxation exercises crammed my thinking well into motion and brought about gentle insights.

I can warmly recommend this to all those who are looking for a new approach to their lives and thinking on their career path or in the twists and turns of a relationship.


I’m an executive coach, I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and managers who want to accomplish things in the world. I have a constant desire to grow and develop myself. And it’s a must to do so to be able to serve people who come with high expectations. I need to work deeply on and with myself if I want to guide them into themselves and forward in their lives.

To work with Miisa is a pleasure, she is so present to me that I easily can dive in to my deepest place, dissolve my chattering thoughts and resolve my unresolved issues. She gently asks questions and I reflect as we go along. This leads me to see the important things clearly because my fears disappears along the way. Efter my sessions with her I have a clear mind and am ready to act instead of thinking. I highly recommend anyone to work with Miisa.


Miisa is the Go-To Lady, when shit hits the fan.


Coaching helped me see things in my work situations that I hadn’t noticed before or that I hadn’t dared to tackle. Through the conversation, my work situation showed up in a new light. I received encouragement and courage to act.

I recommend Miisa coaching especially to solopreneurs like me. Those who work alone have very few opportunities to get a perspective on their own work or to evaluate their own ways of working when there is no work community and they do not want to take work matters home. It felt especially good to get an independent outsider’s perspective on things.

I had not tried hypnosis before. At first it seemed wild, but when I tried it, it wasn’t scary at all. On the contrary, I was surprised at how easily the relaxation was successful. I remembered the importance of regular relaxation again!

The calm nature of Miisa helped to create a leisurely atmosphere in a pleasant environment.


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