Coaching based on understanding the functioning of the mind


Does this sound like you?

  • At times, it feels difficult to explain what your business is doing in a comprehensible way.
  • You’re wondering how to tell clearly why your customer should choose you, and not someone else.
  • You are launching a new product or service, or renewing your message, such as your business website.
  • Your company is in the midst of a big change and internal communication requires special investment.
  • You want to connect your team around a common goal.
  • You want reassurance that you are doing the right things.

Many companies find it difficult to tell what they offer.

Mind Based ™ Story Workshop is the process by which you clarify your message and your business begins to grow.

Are you losing sales because your customers don’t understand what you have to offer? You need clarity and simplicity. As you clarify your message and build an engaging story, your website starts to work, your employees will turn into a sales team, and your customer will become a grapevine.

A Story Workshop is ideal if:

  • Your sales aren’t increasing even when the product is of good quality and demand should be in place.
  • You’re afraid that each of your employees will tell you about your company’s services differently, or your team needs support in telling the right message.
  • You’re launching a new product or service, or revamping a company’s message, such as sales presentations or websites, and you want to build an effective story.

How much does confusion and unclear communication cost you?

Do potential customers understand why they need your particular product? How many potential customers don’t see or hear what you’re offering in the current information overload? Does your team tell what you offer in the same way? Or does your business leave as many different messages as there are narrators? Lack of clarity may have a cost.

The human brain seeks clarity and wants to avoid confusion. If people don’t understand what you’re offering, they will find someone else who can tell the same thing clearly.

My clients have gained from the Story Workshop:

  • More Engaged Customers – A clear and simple way to introduce your business – Positive successful sales meetings and sales presentations.
  • A team that has joined forces to achieve more.
  • A clear payback for the workshop investment as a more effective story brings you closer to your goal and turns into increased sales.

The story is one of the most powerful tools when you want to make an impact and be remembered

We humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. We have drawn stories on the walls of the caves. Shared stories by word of mouth and passed them on from generation to generation.

The media may have changed, but the basic truth remains. Our brains are tuned to listen to stories. Stories mean more today than ever before.

In the Mind Based ™ Story Workshop, you will learn to understand the buyer – What things affect our brain’s decision center, what are the building blocks of an effective message, how you tell stronger stories and make more effective sales.

You will also learn things about how your own mind works, which will help you and your team focus on the essentials.


“This was terrific! Clarified our message a whole lot.”
– Jussi Galla, Topaasia


Book a workshop

You get feedback and learn to understand what works and what doesn’t


Build a story

In a 2 day workshop you will build a clear story and get tools for effective messaging


Enjoy the results

You will know that the message is clear and it works

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