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The seller’s mind

I help leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations with big ambitions – but who might feel somehow stuck – to stop dreaming about success and to start taking fearless action to make it happen.

Unlike an approach that focuses on tools or techniques, that might be forgotten or don’t always work, the principles I share will give you a lifelong understanding on how to tap into your inner wisdom and a lasting source of effortless success and results.

Coaching based on understanding the functioning of the mind

During my career as an entrepreneur and leader I have seen – in my own case as well as in the case of many small and large enterprises – that the success in business requires three things. If one of these is lacking, you’re not working to your full potential.

  1. A clear sales and marketing message, a compelling story that tells about your product or service from the customer’s perspective. It is reflected in smoke, like the Indian smoke signals.
  2. Clear, distinctive, well-designed and productized services – Value that is desirable and easy to buy. It is reflected in a roaring campfire.
  3. A clear foundation and understanding of who you are and why you do what you do. Let’s call this the mission or the clarity of mind. It is reflected in the firewood that feeds the flame.This is the most important part, but surprisingly often neglected – without wood there is no fire – without fire there is no smoke.

Miisa Helenius –
Coach and trainer

I have worked broadly in various international sales, marketing and service development management positions during my career. From these I draw my inspiration and skills to your use.

My work history in brief:

  • Mind Based ™ / Pointvenue 2013 – coach, trainer
  • Enfo 2016 – 2020 VP Sales, Development Director
  • Capgemini 2010 – 2013 Offering Director
  • Fujitsu 1999 – 2010 Service Development Director, Sales Manager

I have always been interested in psychology. As a sales, marketing and service development professional, I have been particularly fascinated by the psychology of buying and selling and decision-making sciences. My latest take over is coaching the minds of leaders. I have studied mind coaching in Finland and trained to be an Three Principles facilitator in a course organised by Insight Space at Regent’s University in London

My education in brief:

  • MSc, EMBA, Motivational Coach, International Master Coach, Mind Coach, Three Principles Facilitator

I also work as a trainer in special vocational degrees and as a mentor for entrepreneurs.

9 mini stories of me

Despite my dyslexia – or maybe because of it- I fought my way through studies to university. Eventually, I had three commercial degrees in my pocket. I went on to lead sales and service development teams in large multinational IT corporations.

I have run seven marathons and numerous half marathons. Maybe due to my stubbornness, when I got hurt, I didn’t have the patience to stop training, but I ran myself so broken that I could not do any sports for many years.

I founded my company in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The timing was bad, my original business idea would have required more capital than I was able to raise, and I had to change the plan on the fly. That adventure taught me a lot, but also nagged up my confidence and most of my savings.

As a novice entrepreneur, I saw how many others who started business at the same time failed. Not because of a bad business idea, but because of their own thoughts, and the uncertainty thoughts may create.

Probably just when I had finally gotten my business and myself back on feet, I was offered a position as a VP of Sales, again in the IT industry. I gratefully accepted the assignment. But the roller coaster of life did not slow down. It brought a separation from a spouse, challenges in children’s school, big problems at the workplace – and cardiac arrhythmia.

Fortunately, I was able to continue coaching part-time. It was a breath of life for me and an opportunity to do the things I love. I have had my company up and running, trained and coached continuously since 2013.

The stress and the challenging situation made me more and more interested in the workings of the mind. As I trained to be a mind coach and 3P facilitator, I began to realize that no matter how hard life seems to be, nothing outside me can affect my well-being, only how I personally create my reality through though from moment to moment.

Often, we cling to things we should let our grip off. Personally, I only realized this when I finally got made redundant from the position of director in collective bargaining. I saw that in reality I have a lot more important and meaningful role as an entrepreneur and a coach. And I realized I could fly. I had been able all along.

I am a visual person and love to do creative stuff. If I were not a coach, I would probably be a designer. I have designed and implemented for instance these web pages. Now that I do not need to limit myself anymore, I sometimes do creative things to my friends and clients.

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I am also able to organize wider coaching packages according to the needs of your company through my network.

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